It takes the visual aspect of ‘suit’ as clothes in the word BIRTHDAYSUIT,

yet is inspired by its very definition, ‘bare skin’.

Unlike a symbolic medium of a thing, we focus on a suit of clothes itself and a sense of touch on skin.

This brand selectively chooses a quality material that is most pleasant on skin.

1. (영) 국왕[여왕] 탄신일의 예복

2. 나체

BIRTHDAYSUIT 라는 단어에서 영감을 받아 순수한 '옷' 자체와 '살갗에 닿는 가장 좋은 느낌' 을 지향하는, 촉감이 좋은 소재만을 엄선하여 만든 브랜드입니다.